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My Random Commentary

    The Caution of Rejecting Godly Advice
    Reference: Proverbs: 1:20-33
    Wisdom cries out to get our attention. But the more she cries out the more we reject her. We are considered to be unwise for not listening to her. Finally she leaves and is no longer with us. Now we are unprotected and rely on worldly wisdom and all that comes with it. Eventually we get in some unfortunate situation and suffer the consequences for not seeking Godly wisdom. We try to seek her in the midst of our situation. But it is now too late; the damage has already been done. At this time, we must experience the consequences for not seeking Godly wisdom when she offered her service. We missed the opportunity to operate in Godly wisdom. The only thing we can do now is learn from the current situation and wait for the next situation, and hopefully in that situation we will seek Godly wisdom before we act. Otherwise, we repeat Proverbs 1:20-33 again to our dismay.

Worthy Sermon Quotes from Speakers
  • "The stomach is a great servant but a terrible master!" Derek Prince

  • "All your failures ended at midnight. Today is a new day!" Bishop Dale C. Bronner

  • “If you know where you are going in life, you will know what friends not to keep.Folks who are not doing nothing always want you to do it with them. People who are not going nowhere want you to go with them.” Dr. Myles Munroe