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Each year Atlanta honors the life of Dr. Martin Luther King at his formal Ebenezer Baptist Church. This is a limited seating event, not everyone is able to attend. I respect the life and works of Dr. King. During the MLK event week in 2015 I thought about this and decided to organize a small honoring event tribute to Dr. King with few people and friends I know would be interested in this idea. The thought behind this is to have them share with the group what the works of Dr. Martin Luther King means to them.

My Martin Luther King Jr. 2016 Attended Events

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Dr. King's contribution extends even to the environment. On 01/14/16, a Town Hall Forum at The King Center in Atlanta, GA with guest speakers Dr. Bernice A. King (daughter of MLK), Dr. Robert Bullard, Aaron Mair, Dr. Beverly Wright, and Djuan Coleon discussed Environmental Justice from various points of view!

Tommy Smith: Famous Track and Field Athlete (L) , Pastor Elijah Collins Jr. (Founder and Senior Pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church), and a Mass Choir at the "Feed the Community" in Snellville, GA.

Pictures from the 5th Annual MLK Day March in Snellville, Georgia which me and son Matthew (the five year old in red) attended!

South Gwinnett High School Marching Band performs at the 5th Annual MLK Day March and "Feed the Community" in Snellville, GA. (01/18/2016)